Refer your friends & get a 10% discount!

Give your friends a 10% discount. When your friends buy from your invite link, you get a 10% discount!

Why Referral?

A referral program helps us spread the word. It will give a reward as a thank you for supporting us. We would rather give the incentive to you than spend money on advertising. Any help is tremendously appreciated. We hope you continue to enjoy the products we make.

Frequently Asked Question's

Does a coupon will apply to all dresses?

No! The coupon codes are only applicable to new arrivals.

Does the coupon has any expiry?

The coupon code will expire within 90 days from the issue.

Can my friend use the referral code multiple times?

No! The referral code will only apply to the first order.

Does my friend get the discount instantly through my code?

Yes! Your friend will receive the 10% discount immediately as a result of your referral discount code.
However, your code will be reviewed for up to 30 days.

I have refer to my friend. When will I got a discount?

You’ll receive an email once the purchase is verified. You'll find the coupon in your dashboard as well. The discount code will take UP-TO 30 days to be issued to you.